Powered by a diesel engine, diesel wood hammer mill is designed to crush wood and biomass materials in electricity shortage region. As it is removeable, Azeus diesel wood hammer mill is suitable for processing biomass materials in farms, wharf and field to reduce transportation costs for biomass materials. With a small capacity, diesel wood hammer mill can also be used in small wood pellet lines as a biomass pre-treatment equipment.

Diesel Wood Hammer Mill Application
1. With a capacity varying from 200kg/h to 1100kg/h, this type of small diesel wood hammer mill is specially designed for small capacity biomass materials crushing.
2. It can work independently or work together with a pellet mill and other auxiliary machines to form a complete wood pellet plant.
3. Wood hammer mill can be used to crushing wood materials such as wood shavings, wood chips, wood particle and wood barks. It can also be used to process various biomass materials such as crop stalks, groundnut shells, sunflower husks, reed stalks and so on.
4. The final products is with a size of 1.8mm to 10mm and it has a wide application for paper making, fiberboard making, biofuel pellet making and making stove fuels.
5. It can also be used in for grinding grains, soybean meal,etc for making feed pellets.

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Advantages and Benefits of Azeus Diesel Wood Hammer Mill
* Compact structure, simple operating, stable running.
* Removeable, save labor, cost and time to move the raw materials.
* It won’t be limited by electricity resource.

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Tips of Guidance for Small Diesel Wood Hammer Mill Operating
1. Put the diesel wood hammer mill on a flat,hard ground.
2. Never to put things like iron etc. into the diesel hammer mill. They may damage the crushing blades.
3. Feeding in the raw materials only when the diesel wood hammer mill is fully started.
4. Feeding the raw materials in one certain speed to get a largest capacity, but never overload.
5. After a long time of crushing, cut off the power to let the hammer mill to have a rest. High temperature will damage the diesel engine.

Models and Technical Data of Diesel Wood Hammer Mill

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