Why Make Cattle Feed Pellets?
As the cattle industry developing fast in recent years, traditional feed can no longer meet the feed requirements. Farmers want to find another kind of feed product which is easy to get, easy to storage, nutrition for animals and cost less. No way? Try the cattle feed pellets. Feed pellets are healthier and more nutritious than traditional forage. The raw materials for feed pellets can be grass or grain residues which are very easy to get, and it is a kind of green and recycle solution for these residues on the other hand. Besides, the ingredients in the feed pellets are mixed thoroughly, so when cattle are taking food, they can no longer piddling certain feed or ingredient. This ensures the balance of nutrition. You can also make recipes for chicken, pig, cattle, fish or other animals respectively, mix them and make them into pellets, so that you can get feed pellets for all your poultry and livestock.


Buy From the Reliable Feed Pellet Mill Manufacturer
Azeus is a reliable feed pellet mill manufacturer and supplier, offering a wide range of feed pellet machinery including diesel feed pellet mill, electric feed pellet mill and ring die feed pellet mill. We also supply complete feed pellet production line and have many successful feed mill plant project around the world.feed pellet plant

Customized 4t/h Cattle Feed Pellet Plant
Azeus 4t/h cattle feed pellet plant is combined with grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling, packing and electrical controlling system. This cattle feed plant can be used for producing high quality livestock and poultry feed with high efficiency and advanced technology, so it is the ideal choice for the medium-scale cattle farm or feed plant.

Characteristics of the Complete Cattle Feed Pellet Line
1. Professional Design: The technological process is followed the trend of latest industry development ,and complete process line is tailor-made to suit the customer’s specific requirement, which also implies a close dialogue with the client regarding present and future requirements as well as local conditions.
2. Professional Manufacturing: All machines are stable, reliable; the plant is of high automation level; the automatic control over whole production process with advanced centralized control system guarantee lowest operational cost.
3. Professional Guidance: Azeus provides proven, high-performance, energy-efficient, and easy-to-operate key process technologies, as well as experienced and skilled staff with the ability to provide advice, guidance, and support in all process steps.
4. Environment Friendly: Dust, noise and drainage of waste water meet environmental requirements.

4T/H Cattel Feed Pellet Plant Flowchart


Related Equipment of Large Cattle Feed Pellet Plant
A. Cattle feed hammer mill —Grinding of raw materials for optimum particle size distribution
For this cattle feed pellets line, A series Feed Hammer Mill is the most suitable one because it is mainly used for grinding grain products that are to be made into livestock feed pellets.
B. Cattle feed mixer—Mixing technologies with high accuracy of dry mixing, as well as for mixing in liquids
We equip the 4t/h feed pellet plant with Screw Ribbon Feed Mixer to mix feed ingredients for its large mixing capacity and high mixing efficiency.
C. Cattle feed pellet mill—Conditioning and expansion technologies prior to pelleting to secure processing of livestock feed with optimum nutritional value and produced at lowest energy costs, and wide range of ring die cattle feed pellet mill suitable for all types of livestock feed production and capacities
D. Cattle feed pellet cooler—Cooling of pellets for optimum storage
E. Cattle feed pellet packing machine—Packing pellets in standard bags to be transported and sold conveniently
F. Screw conveyor — Material handling and conveying systems throughout the production
G. Automatic PLC control system—Highly advanced automation systems for individual feed process machines and complete plants