The machine that can compress wood materials into wood pellet is called wood pellet mill, also named wood pellet maker machine, pellet press, or wood pelletizer. Wood pellets are made from compacted sources including sawdust, wood chips and etc. which are byproducts from sawmills, timber industry, woody plants and other industries. The pellets are formed by wood pellet machines under heat and pressure, which releases natural plant lignin that holds the pellets together without glue or additives.  Now let’s have good understanding of wood pellet maker machines.

I. Small Scale Wood Pellet Maker Machine
Small scale wood pellet mills is the machines with small capacities, which is widely utilized in home-made or small scale pellet production. For home and individual making wood pellets, this small portable pellet maker is enough. Here Azeus has offered two types of small wood pellet makers: electric engine and diesel engine pellet mill. Depending on the characteristics of these two machines, you can choose one to demand your production requirements.

1. Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill
♦ Suitable for pressing biofuel pellets in electric shortage area.
♦ The pellets made by our pellet mill is with a feature of high hardness.
♦ The pelletizing die of small diesel flat die wood pellet mill is changeable and we supply various die with die hole size of 2.5mm, 3m, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.
♦ Small diesel flat die wood pellet mill is easy to operate and maintain.
2. Small Electric Wood Pellet Mill
* The pelletizing die is changeable and we supply various die with die hole size of 2.5mm, 3m, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm for your choice.
* High pellet molding rate. The pellets made by our pellet mill is with a feature of high hardness.
* Electric flat die pellet mill is driven by electric motor which makes it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
* Electric flat die wood pellet mill is easy to operate and maintain. Beside, we supply reliable after-sales service.
For the raw material for making wood pellets, you can choose tree branches, wood chips, and sawdust, etc. Before making wood pellets, there are also requirements for raw materials: moisture content of material: material size: less than 5mm and 14%-18%. If the size of these materials is not small enough, they should be crushed. You can pulverize them by hand or use any simple euipment. Here we recommend a hammer mill, a very good choice for you to pulverize wooden raw materials at home and to save you so much hard work. After the wooden raw materials are crushed into the small suitable size, you may need to dry them in the sun or use use a wood dryer.

II. Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
Ring die wood pellet mill is specially designed for large scale pellet production, which gets its name because its die is vertical and looks just like a ring. The raw materials for wood pellet making are easy to obtain, like groundnut shell, sawdust, paddy straw, wheat straw, palm husk, rice husks, etc and many other agro and forestry wastes. The final pellets can be used for industrial boilers and large power plants as well as home heating.

● Ring die pellet mill has wide application in commercial use with relatively large production capacity,which is larger than flat die pellet mill .
● Ring die wood pellet mill adopts imperative feeding device, ensuring a continuous & even feeding speed. The feeding speed of ring die pellet mill can be controlled automatically.
● The roller shell of ring die pellet mill for making biomass pellets doesn’t completely cover the roller, reducing wear and prolong service life.
● The main driver utilizes high precision gear transmission instead of belt transmission to increase 20% efficiency.
● Ring die pellet mill can be applied to making various biomass materials into pellets, especially for materials hard to be pelletized or with much moisture.
● Ring die pellet mill can be equipped with inner oil spraying device, making pellets surface more smooth and solid.
If you have large enough space, you can establish the whole wood pellet plant for automatic wood pellet making in large scale. In all the processes of making wood pellets in industry, pelleting is the most significant part. The wood pellet line usually contains crushing, drying, pelleting, sifting, cooling, weighing and packaging. The requisite machines in wood pellet production line generally consists of: hammer mill or wood chipper for crushing, rotary dryer for drying raw material, bucket elevator or screw conveyor for transporting both raw material and wood pellets, industrial pellet mill for making wood pellets, vibrating screen for filtrating final pellets from their debris, pellet cooler to cool pellets, and packaging machine for package wood pellets.

Priorities of Pellet Fuels Made by Wood Pellet Maker Machine
Wood pellets, the biomass energy to replace coal and fossil oil as fuel, is increasingly popular in many countries. Wood pellets are often used in cooking stoves to produce more heat or large scale boilers in commercial operations. Compared with coal and other fuels, there are more benefits brought from wood pellets including economical and environmental.


♦ Environmental Advantage
Compared to oil, wood emits carbon dioxide at the rate of 7 kg/million BTUs, while oil emits 79 kg/million BTUs. It is more convenient to store and transport wood pellets due to its high density an uniform shape, which avoids the explosion risks or environmental pollution from spills that non-renewable fossil fuels do.
♦ Economical Advantage
When comparing fuels, an important factor is the efficiency which is measured by how well your heater turns fuel into useful heat. Here compare the
Good quality wood pellets at 5 to 10 percent moisture content have a heating value of approximately 16,500,000BTU/ton, but heating oil have the heat value of 145,000 BTU/gallon.
From the above, we know that wood pellets are green, economical, sustainable energy. So wood pellets have especially wide application in European countries, United Kingdom, North America, Canada and Australia, etc. So to choose a pellet maker machine for pellet production is a wise investment.