Why You Need Assistance from a Professional Wood Pellet Plant Consultant?
Designing a wood pellet plant is not simply purchasing the complete wood pellet production machines, especially for the wood pellet manufacturing beginners who may do not even know where to begin. Because the wood pellet plant manufacturing project is complex, there are so many factors and aspects to be considered, and different risks to be assessed. Therefore if you want to build a successful wood pellet plant, a professional wood pellet plant design consultant is helpful. A professional wood pellet plant design consultant can minimize delays in getting your wood pellet plant up and running and avoid unanticipated costs. Maybe next, you want to ask what a professional wood pellet plant design consultant should be? Based on years’ experience on wood pellet plant design and feedback from our customers, we are glad to share some information with you.


What a Professional Wood Pellet Plant Design Consultant Should Be?
The professional wood pellet plant consultant should be experienced, innovative and unbiased in their search for the best possible solutions for their customer. A good wood pellet plant consultant can not only recommend suitable wood pellet equipment but also offer feasibility studies, preliminary plant design, preparation of permit applications and request for proposals, detailed engineering and design, project management, plant construction management and commissioning & start-up support as well as plant monitoring, troubleshooting, post-commissioning and process optimization. Here we will specify main areas a professional consultant of wood pellet manufacturing project can assist you.
♦ Feasibility Study of Building a Wood Pellet Plant
The feasibility study of wood pellet manufacturing project should cover the following aspects:
● Biomass resource assessment
● Pellet market assessment
● Wood pellet plant technology assessment, including operating cost assumptions and other production-related issues
● Financial analysis
● Economic analysis of proposed pellet plant

♦Preliminary Wood Pellet Plant Design
According to the available raw material and the plant site, a professional wood pellet plant consultant can advise you the size and dimension of the facility. The wood pellet plant should include are raw material delivery and preparation system, raw material storage system, raw material conveying system, raw material pre-processing system, raw material drying system, energy and heat source, pelletizing system, wood pellets cooling and packaging system, wood pellets storage system, environmental system, dust collection system and explosion and fire protection system, etc.

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♦ Detailed Wood Pellet Plant Engineering and Design
Based on the preliminary plant design, the professional consultant will draw the detailed pellet plant design layout.
♦ Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment Procurement
A professional wood pellet plant consultant will facilitate the choice of required production steps and then do a market survey to locate and substantiate the ideal wood pellet plant technology as well as choose the most reliable wood pellet equipment supplier. The perfect matching technology and reliable productive equipment can minimize the wood pellet plant operation costs, maintenance and wear.

♦ Wood Pellet Plant Construction Management
Generally speaking, there are three construction approaches: engineer-procure-construct approach, engineer-procure-construction management approach and time-and-materials contract. The professional wood pellet plant consultant can help you choose the best approach for your facility as regards to balance cost, schedule, and risk factors.

♦ Start-up Commissioning Service on the Wood Pellets Plant Equipment
Start-up commissioning service begins at mechanical completion and the functional testing of conveying system, wood chipping machine, wood hammer mill, sawdust drying system, wood pelletiziing system, wood pellets cooling system, and wood pellets packaging system and other components to verify that they operate individually and as part of the complete system. Start-up commissioning service aims to assist you in getting your wood pellet manufacturing plant project up and running successfully.

♦ Wood Pelleting Process Optimization
There are many factors affect the wood pellet plant optimization and efficiency, such as the raw material variances, moisture content of raw materials, pre-drying and drying time of materials, the use of proper machinery, and the troubleshooting, etc. A professional wood pellet plant design consultant can offer you the proper guidance on wood pelleting process optimization so your plant can reach its full capacity.